The PPG lacquers and coatings range is spread over several areas of application: car and refinish - protective and marine coatings - commercial transport lacquers - industrial coatings and wood refinish.


A diverse range of products is offered for the various application areas in which PPG is active. We advise you in choosing the right paint system, optimizing the production process and determining the right time to apply the paints. We prefer to do that most effectively and most effectively when the product is still on the drawing board.

Our brands


Car and refinish

We supply PPG paint systems for the car damage industry. Of the PPG product lines, Hodij Coatings advises: PPG and NEXA Autocolor. PPG and Nexa Autocolor are the world's leading automotive refinish paint brands.


Protective and marine Coatings

PPG supplies various products for the protective and marine coatings industry. This broad segment can also be subdivided into sub-segments: infrastructure - marine - offshore - mining - oil & gas and many other segments where conservation is paramount. Of the PPG product lines, Hodij Coatings advises: Sigma Coatings. We also supply the fire-resistant coatings STEELGUARD and PITT-CHAR® XP from PPG.


Commercial transport

Hodij Coatings advises the paints of Delfleet. Delfleet has been specially developed for commercial transport. By applying innovative pigment and raw material technology, Delfleet meets the most stringent requirements for gloss, quality and efficiency in this sector. Delfleet is user-friendly and environmentally friendly and always complies with recent European regulations. We are currently the exclusive distributor of the new Delfleet ONE paint line from PPG.


Industrial paints and coatings

PPG produces coatings for appliances, agricultural and construction machinery, consumer electronics, automotive parts, residential and commercial construction, wooden floors and many other end products. Hodij Coatings advises Selemix products.


Wood refinish

The PPG Wood Finishes range is available for countless application methods and different types of wood types that must meet specific end use requirements. Hodij Coatings advises the products of PPG Joinery.

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