We advise you on the realization of a high-quality end product at lower costs. With the help of our process scan we map out the possible savings.

Who is the process scan for?

The process scan of Hodij Coatings has been developed for companies that use coatings, lacquers, paints or powder coatings in the production process.

Why a process scan?

It is often difficult to find improvements in your own production process. A fresh perspective from an external consultant then offers a solution. Our integrated approach ensures efficient working methods and better quality end products. Our experience is that small adjustments often lead to major efficiency benefits.


The process scan consists of the following components:

  • Company profile analysis:
    • Company size
    • Accessibility
    • Visibility
    • Unique points of sale
  • Analysis of the production process
  • Analysis of the paint process
  • Competencies of employees
  • Health, safety and environment

We process the results of the process scan in a concise advisory report. You will receive advice from us about:

  • Application and choice of paint system
  • Order of applying the different layers of paint
  • Drying time and quality
  • Use of non-paint
  • Use of spray equipment.

In our advice we also take into account the available know-how and the circumstances in which your organization finds itself.

Inventory management

Hodij Coatings is the logistics partner for many of its customers. We keep your paint, coatings or non-paint products in stock. We make it to the desired color and / or viscosity and deliver it on request.

Your benefits:

  • Less handling costs
  • Less inventory costs
  • Fewer risks.

You also do not need to invest or invest less in safety measures for the storage of dangerous goods.


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