Our mission and vision

To us, understanding things means that we are always aware of the most recent developments within our industry. Hodij Coatings is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.


We know how

We are always aware of the most recent developments within our industry. It means that we:

  • organize theme days to share knowledge;
  • provide technical support;
  • optimize processes;
  • provide training;
  • to be a partner for our customers.


Gaining recognition from the market for the additional possibilities of Hodij Coatings as a total paint supplier. We have coatings applied in the most efficient manner.



Anyone who wants to apply coatings needs one TOTAL supplier for the entire process. Hodij Coatings provides the complete coating process.


Environmental policy

Due to the nature of the products and services we provide, Hodij Coatings BV is bound by strict environmental and safety requirements. The policy of Hodij Coatings is aimed at timely and complete compliance with these obligations. We achieve this by making sufficient people and resources available for it. The weight of these obligations means that the environment and safety requirements within Hodij Coatings are of a high level and are constantly on the agenda. Partly because of this, the prevention level within Hodij Coatings is very high. Minimizing environmental effects that do not result from imposed laws and regulations also has our full attention. We strive for specifically formulated goals without losing sight of business objectives.

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