Bike paints

The baking enamels and water-based products are applied to the aluminum and steel surfaces. The Hodij Coatings Bike system contains: WB primer - WB basecoat - Clearcoat powder. Hodij Coatings supplies a 2K system for Carbon. The complete Bike system is available in various effects and special colors.

WB primer - white - black - grey


A water-based polyester-melamine primer, pigmented with zinc phosphate. The primer has excellent rust-resistant properties and is a great replacement for conventional alkyd-amino primers. The use of this primer significantly reduces the emission of organic solvents. The pre-treatment must be tailored to the use of water-based paint products.


PDS blad WB primer

WB basecoat

Water-thinnable polyester-melamine basecoat for protection and enhancement of durable consumer items. Available in mono colors, metallic and mother-of-pearl colors. Compared with conventional basecoat baking enamels, a strong emission reduction of organic solvents is achieved. The base coat is particularly suitable for systems for outdoor use, where high requirements with regard to color and gloss retention apply.

PDS blad WB Basecoat

Clearcoat powder

The Clearcoat powder (mat and gloss) is applied to the aluminum and steel surfaces. A powder coating that is suitable for outdoor use based on polyester. The powder coating has good weather resistance, good mechanical properties and also excellent flow properties.


2K system

The 2-component system is applied to the carbon and (fiber) plastic substrates.

The Hodij Coating Bike system includes a complete package of 2K products. Primers, fillers, color and clear coats that meet the highest standards. Naturally, the color will be made exactly matching the end color of the frame.

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