Our training courses and courses increase the return on your business. We provide training and courses in the field of safe and responsible working, surface treatment, application technology and specific product training. We provide training in Hoogeveen, on location at the manufacturer or internally.


Training facilities

We have state-of-the-art testing and training facilities for both theoretical and practical training and courses.

Training offer

Hodij Coatings B.V. offers the following training courses:

  • Collision damage,
  • Spot Repair & Fast Repair,
  • Perceive color,
  • Processing lacquers and coatings,
  • Working with hazardous substances
  • Tailor-made training.
Tailor-made training

Not sur which kind of training yo? Our consultants are happy to help you put together the right training, the right course or a training plan for your organization. We offer advanced tailor-made training courses for your specific needs.

Training Spot Repair & Fast Repair

Whether it's about painting minor paint damage or updating a panel. In the car repair training Spot Repair & Fast Repair we teach you the right techniques to perform minor repairs efficiently and safely.

Training percieving color

Although we see the same colors, we all experience color differently. Determining the right color is therefore a profession. Our trainers teach you to objectively determine the right color.

Training processing lacquers and coatings

Errors in the lacquering or coating process result in expensive repair costs and prolonged downtime. Our training courses contribute to reducing risks and increasing efficiency. We provide training for the processing of industrial

Training working with hazardous substances

Working with hazardous substances such as paints and coatings can endanger people and the environment in undesirable situations. It is therefore necessary that the warehouse and shipping staff, the coaters and sprayers, but also the management, are properly trained. Knowledge of the hazards reduces the risks and can prevent accidents.






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