As a total supplier, Hodij Coatings supplies all non-paint products that you need to process paint.


Nozzles, brushes, gloves, masks, cleaning cloths, sandpaper, masking tapes, putty, hand sprayers, pumps, washers, nipples, screws, mouth masks ... With one phone call or via our website you order all the materials and tools you need when painting, preparing or finishing the object.

Brands non-paint

3M, SATA, Rupes, EMM, Colad, Hamach, Wagner, Maiburg and Myto filters, a small selection of the A-brands that we have included in our range.



In the field of non-paint we supply the following products, among others:

  • Abrasives and fillers
  • Polishes, cleaning materials, masking tapes and films
  • Gloves, masks and clothing
  • Thinners and cleaning agents
  • Mixing cups, filter materials and spray equipment
  • In addition to parts, we also supply sanders, grinders and polishers


Service and advice non-paint

We advise you on the purchase of spray equipment. We also install and maintain the spray equipment and train the sprayers and provide intensive technical guidance. We do this in close consultation with you and at times that suit you.



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