The unique technology of the moisture-curing MCU-Coatings makes applications possible in almost all circumstances. Never again dependent on weather conditions and full protection against moisture and corrosion.


Our coatings are applied to bridges, lock gates, water barriers, oil rigs, lampposts, high voltage pylons and dozens of other products where preservation is paramount. The MCU coatings are ideal for various substrates such as concrete, polyester and steel.

The most important advantages


Applicable at a relative humidity of up to 99%

LuchtvochtigheidApplication is possible under almost all weather conditions. All our coatings can be applied without restrictions in 99% relative humidity and vapor conditions. They can be submerged quickly after application or subject to mist, rain, snow or condensation.



Workable in ambient temperature up to -15 degrees Celsius


MCU-Coatings remain liquid, usable and workable at the most varied temperatures. Far above and far below zero. There is no dew point limitation.


Fast drying, paintable in 30 minutes


The coatings have a short drying time. The next layer has been applied in no time and your project is delivered quickly.


Resistant to immersion within 45 minutes of application


The treated surface is moisture-resistant and ready for immersion after only 45 minutes.



Complete product range for all applications!

With a maximum of 4 products you can achieve 99% of all coating specifications. One component, one dilution, working under conditions where you have to stop using other products and the speed of the system, gives you the opportunity to limit failure costs and achieve a 20-40% reduction in your project time!


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