ICA wood coatings

The wood coatings from ICA are designed to protect and decorate wood and glass. ICA group is the place where tradition and technological innovation go hand in hand with respect for the environment and attention for the customer


ICA wood coatings

In the Netherlands, Hodij Coatings is the exclusive distributor of ICA furniture lacquers. With the many years of experience that Hodij has in the furniture industry, we know how to provide our customers with technical guidance, customized color advice and we supply lacquers and stains in every conceivable color possible.


ICA is a family business, founded in 1971 with facilities in Italy, Germany and China and exclusively active in the wood and glass lacquers market. With a turnover of 200 million worldwide, ICA is a major player in the furniture lacquers market, both interior, exterior and yacht furniture. A company founded in the birthplace of design and fashion, with a complete focus on color, design, environment and corporate social responsibility. In addition to its headquarters in Italy, ICA also has a branch in Germany. In Heek, just across the border at Enschede, a new logistics center is opened, as well as a large training center.


The lacquers and stains of ICA are for different applications:

  • outside frames and shutters
  • houses and facades
  • interior (kitchens)
  • doors
  • floors
  • yacht interior

Siematic, Ballerina and Bauformat are a few of the references where ICA Group has been supplying its furniture lacquers for years.



ICA Group is an innovative company when it comes to specials and novelties. For example, in 2017 ICA Group received the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2017 in the "High Product Quality" category for their Bio-Coatings products. These water-based products for wood are for interior and exterior applications and made from recycled raw materials.

in 2018 ICA won the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2019 in the “High Product Quality” category with the S-MATT coatings: an innovative line of interior decoration coatings that can be applied to any type of surface. Specially designed to create high-quality, ultra-matt surfaces with anti-fingerprint and self-healing capacity



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